Christy’s Kids, Challenge Yourself, is a children’s TV production showing young people who master sportive challenges in a Colorado vacation camp. What makes the series special is the fact that both the show’s host, Christy Smith, and the participating children are either deaf or hard of hearing.

In order to complete the challenges, the children communicate with one another via sign language. The natural and fluent way in which this is done amazes viewers unfamiliar with the disability. Christy Smith, who then worked as an adventure guide at Aspen Deaf Camp, teaches children both about nature appreciation and the importance of challenging yourself, including pride of using sign language and getting on well without a hearing.

The series aired on Colorado public broadcast services in 2005 and 2006. However, the production of the series could not be extended, which led Christy to co-found another project called Discovering Deaf Worlds. Despite that, Christy’s Kids is being remembered as a small local project that received considerable attention, thereby also promoting the Aspen Deaf Camp, which has been ever growing and extending its services since the airing of the series.

This website, which does not present the original web appearance of the Christy’s Kids TV series, continues the mission of promoting deafness awareness by giving information on Christy Smith, the Aspen Deaf Camp, the TV series Christy’s Kids, deaf history and culture, as well as news about remarkable deaf people and projects around the world.

As was said above, this content was not produced by any affiliates of the series’ producers or participants. Also, the time span between the airing resp. DVD distribution of the series and the re-launch of this website encompasses quite some years. However, the topic remains the same: Christy’s Kids, Challenge Yourself, helped draw public attention to deaf people’s history and culture.

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